Our adjustable bed bases take comfort to the next level and provide the sleep you deserve. With the touch of a button you can maneuver your mattress to the perfect position for reading, watching TV, working from home, easing aches and pains or getting the best sleep ever.


         Our adjustable bed bases look like conventional foundations or box springs, but offer beneficial features that are simply not possible with a stationary foundation! Enjoy preset positions like "zero gravity" Some electric adjustable bed base models even offer massage! The heavy-duty design and German engineered motors are durable, quiet, and easy to use remote control guarantee quality and convenience. Browse through my adjustable bed bases and mattress sets so you can get the sleep you've only dreamed about! Shop our Twin XL, Full XL, Queen Size, and King Size bed bases and find the perfect fit for your bedroom. Have a storage bed? No problem! Our adjustable base is compatible with both storage and platform beds!

Experience the comfort, convenience and healthy support of Adjustable Bases!

The ability to elevate your head and feet while in bed offers many positive health benefits as well as offering many conveniences for modern life. The Adjustable Base takes the place of the box spring, doesn't require a bed frame and will work with most headboards and/or footboard/siderail type beds.

Health Benefits of an Adjustable Base

Everyone can enjoy the healthy benefits of an adjustable base. Elevating your head can ease tension in the lower back and provides a more ergonomically correct position than a flat bed. Breathing becomes easier when the head is elevated, which helps you fall into a deeper sleep. Additionally, elevation of the head can be beneficial when you have a cold or a pesky snorer. Elevating your feet can reduce the workload on your heart. Start enjoying the healthy benefits of an Adjustable Base today!


Modern Conveniences of an Adjustable Base
Whether you're watching TV, reading a book or perusing the web on your laptop or tablet, the Adjustable can provide plenty of comfortable convenience by elevating your head and feet. You no longer have to stack pillows upon pillows to prop yourself up in bed. Simply push a button and elevate your head to your desired preference. Pre-set and programmable positions, massage, and even USB ports on some models add to the convenience of today's adjustable beds. Start enjoying the comfort and convenience of an Adjustable Bed today!

Adjustable bed will fit any mattress

The ultimate in luxury and comfort, the S700 Adjustable Bed Base has all there is to offer in customizable adjustment for your mattress, with the convenience of Reach Assist™ wall-hugging design. The wireless remote, which comes with batteries, offers independent head and foot incline, independent head tilt, lumbar adjustment and variable speed massage with timer. Beneath the bed, four German Okin motors offer steady, controlled movement, while under bed LED lighting adds nighttime illumination. The upholstered base features headboard brackets, four USB charge ports and an easy-to-reach remote pocket.

  • Reach Assist™ design

  • Head/foot adjustment + massage

  • Wireless remote

  • Reach Assist™ design keeps your nightstand within reach as you incline the head of the bed.

  • Adjust head incline, foot incline, head tilt, lumbar support or variable speed massage for personalized comfort for your mattress.

  • Wireless remote features four preset positions, including Zero Gravity, plus three programmable positions.

  • Upholstered base with remote pocket, 4 USB charging ports and variable height legs.

  • Under-bed LED lights add nighttime illumination without waking a partner.

  • Works with most mattresses.

Complete comfort, convenience and customization comes from an advanced adjustable bed base. The wireless remote offers independent head and foot incline, as well as variable speed massage with a timer. Remote comes with batteries and offers four preset positions, including Zero G. Bed base has a convenient Reach Assist™ design that keeps the head of the bed close to the wall and the nightstand within reach.

  • Variable speed massage

  • Wireless remote

  • Reach Assist™ design

  • The wireless remote offers personalized comfort with independent head and foot incline, as well as variable speed massage.

  • Reach Assist™ design hugs the wall and keeps the nightstand within reach.

  • Four preset positions, including Zero G, and three custom programmable positions.

  • Beautifully upholstered bed base features a convenient remote pocket.

  • Sturdy Okin motor offers smooth, reliable movement.

This bed base offers independent head and foot adjustment for customizable comfort. A wired remote inclines the head of the bed for reading, the foot of the bed for lower back comfort, or both. Dual German-engineered motors ensure smooth, even movement.

  • Independent head and foot incline

  • Wired remote

  • Dual German Okin motors

  • Independent head incline lifts the head of the bed for reading or watching television

  • Independent foot incline adjusts the foot of the bed to ease tension on the lower back

  • Easy adjustment controls on a wired remote

  • Dual motors for smooth, even movement and a 750-pound weight capacity

  • Bed base is protected by a 20-year prorated warranty

At the simple touch of a button, the head of this bed base inclines for reading or watching television. Beautifully upholstered bed base features simple up and down controls on a wired remote and a German-engineered Okin motor that gives the bed a weight capacity of 750 pounds.

  • Head incline

  • Wired remote

  • German Okin motor

  • Head of bed inclines for comfort while reading or watching television.

  • Wired remote features simple up and down controls.

  • Beautiful grey upholstered bed base with 6" black metal legs.

  • Powerful and steady German Okin motor offers stable movement and 750-pound weight capacity.

  • Bed base is protected by a 20-year prorated warranty.

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